The Horse Chesnut Tree

Horse Chesnut Tree The horse chestnut tree, which originated in the Balkans, was introduced to Britain in the 1600's as an ornamental tree. It grows very  successfully here.

The horse chestnut is one of the first trees in leaf in springtime it is covered with clusters of either pink or white flowers, known as 'candles'. These flowers are normally pollinated by the early flying bumble bees. The leaves are made up of 5 to 7 leaflets.

Shortly after pollination the seeds of the tree appear encased in a prickly green shell which is about the size of a marble.

They slowly grow to the size of a golf ball and then in September the prickly casing splits open to release the shiny brown seed, known as a 'conker'. They are poisinous.



Horse Chesnut preperations are used to treat varicouse veins and various other maladies. It should only be used under proper medical supervision.


Horse Chesnut Leaf